Trinity Healing & Revival Church
               A member of  The Presbyterian Church in Wales

         For God so Loved The World That He gave His only Son


Regular Weekly Meetings

                                                                                      Bible Study: Every Thursday at 7pm 

Tuesday January 14th 2020; 7pm … Men's Fellowship

The speaker for the first meeting of 2020 will be Mr Jeff Feasy. Those wishing to place an order for a Chinese meal please see Matt Hill. Payments are needed by the last Sunday before the meeting. 

Friday January 17th 2020; 7pm ... Ladies' Fellowship

The speaker will be confirmed shortly.

Friday January 31st 2020; 7pm ... Rehoboth Fellowship: Hebrew Roots' Teaching Service.

For our third Hebrew Roots' service we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr David Blundell, from the Bethel Messianic Fellowship in Devon, who will speak on, 'The Covenants of God.'

Saturday February 1st 2020; 10am … Half-Day Teaching                                                                                               

Our friend, Revd Jason Wilkins of Abertillery, will speak on: 'Evangelism.'

Tuesday February 11th 2020 at 7pm … Joint Men’s & Ladies’ Fellowship Evening

Saturday February 22nd 2020 between 10am-4pm … Teaching Day

We have the pleasure of welcoming Ken & Christalla Bailey who will teach on: ‘Hearing God & Growing Deeper.’ 

Thursday February 27th 2020 at 7pm … Church AGM

Please will members note that the normal Bible Study meeting will not be held. Instead the Church AGM will take place. 

Friday February 28th 2020 at 7pm … Rehoboth Fellowship: Israel Prayer Meeting

A warm welcome to all who would like to join us for our first Prayer Meeting for Israel in 2020.