Trinity Healing & Revival Church
               A member of  The Presbyterian Church in Wales

         For God so Loved The World That He gave His only Son


Regular Weekly Meetings

                                                                                      Bible Study: Every Thursday at 7pm 


Friday December 6th 2019; 7pm ... Rehoboth Fellowship: Prayer Meeting for Israel.

At the conclusion of the Prayer Meeting there will be a short talk given by John Harrold on Jewish / Christian Relations since the birth of the Church.

The only Sunday service on December 15th 2019 will be a Carol Service  at 3pm followed by our Christmas tea.

On Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24th 2019, there will only be one service at 6:30pm.

Bible Studies will only be held on the Tuesdays of December 5th &12th 2019.

There will be no Men's, Ladies' or Open Fellowship Meetings this month.